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Stout Racing Engines Limited Mod Animal Blue Printed & Dyno Tuned



Stout Racing Engines Blue Printed Stock Animal Blue Printed & Dyno Tuned

Briggs & Stratton Racing World Formula / M-Series / Stock Animal / Jr LO 206 / LO 206 Short Block

LIFAN (Predator) HEMI or non-HEMI

LIFAN 7 HP 212cc
(Not Predator, Higher quality) / Model LF7HP-2 Predator 212 cc None Hemi OHV Engine

Blue Printed DYNO Tuned

Gas or Alcohol Modifications Stock Appearing Stage 1, 2, 3 or 4

2.133-1.138 crank, Honda Flat Top Piston, 1MM Rings, Choice Of 275 Lift Cam Or 315 Cam, Choice of Ported 18cc Head or 14cc head, ARC rod, 27mm Stainless Intake valve, etc. DYNO Sheet Will Be Included With All Dyno Tuned Motor Purchase.

CLONE (Stage 1, 2, 3 and 4)

2.127-2.133 crank,Choice Of Cam and Fly Wheel,Choice of parts assembled Lash set at .003. Carb jetting required. We Set max lift at retainer…

NEW: Want the WARhead2 Racing Engine World Fastest GoKart 2 TIMES World Record Holder 32hp? Choose from STOCK, SA (stock appearing), SS (SuperStock) or OPEN (complete – custom race-ready)

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