• Stout Racing at Ga State Burris Series (DOGWOOD)

    Dawgwood Speedway 2021 Schedule
    Classes and rules are posted at the bottom of the page.
    3 Closed
    10 Ga State Burris Series
    17 R/D or Regular Race
    24 Regular Race
    31 Ga State Burris Series
    7 Closed
    14 Ga State Burris Series
    21 Burris Showdown
    28 R/D or Regular Race
    4 Closed
    11 Burris Southeast Tour (Beaver Creek)
    18 Ga State Burris Series
    25 Regular Race
    2 Burris Southeast Tour (Ashway)
    9 Ga State Burris Series
    17 R/D or Regular Race
    23 Ga State Burris Series
    30 Burris Southeast Tour Finals
    13 The Burris Classic
    20 Winter Race
    4 Winter Race
    11 Winter Race
    Dates are tentative and are subject to change.
    Season parking is good for all races at Dawgwood other than the two Burris Southeast Tour races and The Burris Classic.
    Rodney 678-910-1989
    Dawgwood Speedway 2021 Classes
    These classes will start on January 9th.
    Red Plate #245 5-8 16-64 Gear Rule
    Green Plate #265 8-10
    Purple Plate #290 10-12
    Blue Plate #320 12-15
    Jr Champ #310 8-12
    Rookie Predator #265 5-10
    Jr Predator #290 10-15
    Stock Lite #325
    Stock Medium #350
    Stock Heavy #375
    Super Heavy #400 (#200 Rule)
    Sumo #425 (#200 Rule)
    Sr Champ #425
    Predator Lite #325
    Predator Medium #350
    Predator Heavy #375
    Predator Super #400
    Predator Stock Appearing #375
    All classes will run under either AKRA or NKA Engine Rules.
    We will once again run only Burris 33 tires.
    All plate classes are small pipe.
    All classes are open clutch other than Predator.
    Red Plate Rules
    16-64 Gear Rule
    Right Rear Tire Rule 341/2
    Burris 33’s
    Rookie Predator #265 5-10
    Green Plate
    Jr Predator #290 10-15
    Purple Plate
    Both Rookie & Jr Predator Rules
    Gear Rule 17-64
    Right Rear Tire Rule 341/2
    Burris 33’s
    The rest are same as Stock Predator below
    Stock Appearing Predator #375
    Age 14 & Up
    Big Pipe
    After Market Air Cleaner
    Open Clutch
    Can Run Top Plate
    87 Octane Pump Gas
    Can have starter nut
    No Epoxy On Carb.
    Anything goes on inside of engine.
    Can only have one pulse tube
    Outside must remain stock other than what’s posted above.
    Burris 33’s.
    No Claimer Rule
    Predator rules.
    Stock engine, must be run as is out of box.
    Stock muffler
    Stock air cleaner
    Stock tank
    17 Tooth drum clutch only
    Governor can be disconnected on top of engine but must completely intact inside of block.
    $125 Claimer
    $100 Tear Down, all parts will be compared to a stock part.
    Main carburetor jet. .042” NO/GO
    No taping of engine.
    You can drill one (1) small hole in the gas cap.
    You can only claim or protest engine that finishes directly in front of you.
    Ga State Burris Series Points
    1. 25
    2. 23
    3. 22
    4. 21
    5. 20
    6. 19
    7. 18
    8. 17
    9. 16
    10. 15
    11. 14
    12. 13
    13. 12
    14. 11
    15. 10
    16. 9
    17. 8
    18. 7
    19. 6
    20 5


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