Crank Position + Stroke Part


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Crank Position + Stroke

Clone Timing Gear and Stroke Checker Cam gear location:
First ensure the pin is inserted into the cam gear rotate the cam counter clock wise and snug the bolt. Insert the crank shaft with the gear matching the dot on the cam shaft. ( the crank will roll counter clock wise because of the counter weights. This takes out slack in the gear. ) This will affect your reading so I suggest doing this consistently. Install the degree wheel to see the degrees using the pointer. If the pointer is above the “0” it is advance or bellow is retarded.
Note: When you receive the tool I suggest using an old crank to check the crank and note the degrees. You can use it as a reference to check that the pointer has not been bumped or moved from the set point.
Insert crank in fixture. Remove pin and loosen the cam bolt. Rotate crank CCW till the crank journal is at bottom. Using a 3” indicator set at “0” them raise the indicator steam with your finger and rotate the crank CW till the crank journal is at the top. Gently lower the indicator stem on the crank rotating it CW and CCW to find highest point on crank. Then the gauge will read your stroke. ( 2.123 / 2.133 )