Small Engine Tools

Hemi head adapter Allows valves jobs,milling DSCN1571
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Rings Compressor
Piston Ring Compressor 750323
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Digital Calipers
6″ Digital Slide Indicator R6IND
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Blue Pin Gauge Set
Pin Gauge Set 5PLE7 $39.95
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Valve Cutter
3 Angle Valve Cutter Deluxe Kit EZ1100DL
45, 35, 60
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Valve Cutter
2 Angle Valve Cutter Deluxe Kit For Animal and LO206 EZ1200ANL
[wp_cart_button name=”Animal and LO206 Valve Cutter EZ1200ANL” price=”379.95″]


Fly Wheel Knocker
Flywheel Knocker for Clone and Honda CFLYK  $20.00

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112 Telescoping Gage Set
Telescoping Snap Gage Set R3034107  $34.95

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100 Suction Cup Valve Lap
Vacuum Lapping Stick EPT 1202  $36.95

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R138 Bearing an Bushing Driver Kit $29.95
Bearing an Bushing Driver Kit R138
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Compression Tester R-66311
Compression Tester $21.95 R66300
[wp_cart_button name=”R66300 Compression Tester” price=”21.95″]
R-9800 OHV Vlave Spring Compressor Works with Clone, B&S, Honda and more $29.95
OHV Vlave Spring Compressor Works with Clone, B&S, Honda and more R39800 $29.95
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BC112320AO 1.5 38mm 320AO Flex Hone
1-1/2 (38mm) 320 Grit AO Flex Hone BC112320AO $43.47
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BC114320AO 1-1/4 31mm 320AO Flex Hone
1-1/4 31mm 320 Grit AO Flex Hone BC114320AO $41.00 [wp_cart_button name=”BC114320AO” price=”41.00″]

BC1144320AO 31.8mm 320AO Flex Hone
31.8mm 320 Grit AO Flex Hone BC1144320AO $39.95
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2 3/4 70mm 180 Grit Flex Hone BC63148 $29.95
[wp_cart_button name=”BC23418 70mm 180sc flex hone” price=”29.95″]
BC234320AO Fles Hone
2 3/4 (70mm) 320 Grit Flex Hone BC234320AO $58.00 
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2 3/4 (70mm) 400 Grit Flex Hone BC234400 $58.00
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BC234320AO Fles Hone

2 3/4 (70mm) 600 Grit Flex Hone BC234600 $58.00
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BC234320AO Fles Hone

3/4 (19mm) 320 Grit Flex Hone BC34320AO $34.95
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BC234320AO Fles Hone

5.5MM Valve Guide Hone 240 Grit Flex Hone BC55M240SC $24.95
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BC234320AO Fles Hone

5/8 (16MM) 320 Grit Flex Hone BC58320AO $24.95
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BC234320AO Fles Hone

8MM  240 Grit  Valve Guide Flex Hone BC8M240AO $24.95
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Clone, Animal
milling and seat fixture CA2001
$89.95 [wp_cart_button name=”CAH2001″ price=”89.95″]