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President’s Day SALE

President’s Day SALE

  • NEW Rix Tech Tool 360 Degree Wheel
  • PROMO design Crank Twister With Degree Wheel
  • COMBO Crank Position + Stroke Part RCLFIX
  • R-CLANG Intake Angle Tool
  • R-VALOD 45 Degree Angle Valve Min and much more…

WHILE SUPPLIES LAST: This is a time limited fall clearance before we release the new 2020/2021 tools for next season. For special pricing call us TODAY @ (423) 584-6663

WARhead2 world\s fastest gokart engine (2 times world record holder 32hp)

196cc Stock cylinder head Stout gauge (OPEN or complete – race ready) currently in 4 variations:

  • StoutsMaxPower OPEN
  • StoutsMaxPower SA
  • StoutsMaxPower SS
  • StoutsMaxPower STOCK

Chose from SS barehead, race ready (complete RXs360 ver.2) or build your own Stout’sMAX WARhead2 with our:

28/24mm or 32 mm SS valves
.550 lift or 32lb springs
Champion 1:1 cast rocker and much more 

This is a time limited SALE offer. Call us today for special pricing @ (423) 584-6663